Thursday, May 6

Some Big things are in Store for the Schmidt Family!

So Neal and I have been working very hard to keep things together, with him being in Idaho and me not working, FINALLY Neal is done with school and just has to get license..( ya great another test) But we Have GOALS....and have HUGE things in store for us in the coming few months.. which i feel that i shall share with everyone.. cause I am just so EXCITED!!!
*Because the only way to Achieve your goals, is to let someone know, and have them help you follow threw with it!

First order of business... ME PASSING MY TEST!!
Second Get Neal A JOURNEYMEN!!!!
Third... I'm sick of having a car payment.. and having debt! I want to live DEBT FREE!
Fourth.. and my favorite... what we have been working on.. and it takes time.. I can tell you all just yet.. what it is we are working on till.. its all said and done... but here is a taste... but shhhhh! ITS not Final!

ha ha i dont wanna give away to much...

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Kristen said...

Those are grest goals! I want to build a house too! Where are you looking to build?