Monday, April 19

Sunday fun!

So Yesterday we took lexie out on her first real big walk.. As Puppies you have to be really careful with walking them... it can hurt their joints, stomach, and paws because they grow as mush as a human does in 14 years, in just one year.... so we have been really careful on not walking her to far.. till yesterday.
It all started with me in the morning saying i want to go on a jog/walk by our house in West haven on a Trail that takes you up to Dinosaur park.. its 3.7 miles.. one way.
So we decided to take lexie, and after about mile 2 and a half.. she started to lay down, and acting like she did not want to go any further.. so we thought we might take her back, and try it again another day.. may i remind you.. the whole time.. Neal is saying, im sleepy, my feet hurt , this is boring, im hot, and once the dog showed any sign of stoping he says.. Yup gotta go home! Well anyways.. i thought it was very cute that once we got home we put her in her kennel with the fan on her and this is how we found her... i have never since a dog sleep like this, and it made me laugh so hard!!.. so enjoy!


Kelli said...

I think that if you tried to take me for a walk that long I would react the same way! Lol!

The Schmidts said...

im sure you would.. i would even give you a nice belly scratch... my husband sure enjoyed his!