Wednesday, May 26


Well it has happened... i have gave up Dr. Pepper... and...
i think im going to kill someone to get one!!

I have given it up.. for water, H20, hoping to have success with losing weight and keeping a consist weight...But let me tell you.. i think my body is a little in shock and doesn't know what to do.. I shake a little, and shout out random words, and i even droll when i see commercial for the great fizzy feeling, with the sweet taste of soda, goes with anything, tastes so good... for whatever occasion... It has only been one day... and i just want to drop anything to go get one... Ever since i could remember i have had Dr. Pepper by my side.. as A Young Girl, me and my Best Friend Kristen knew how to look at the top of the cap, to get a free Dr. Pepper.. And let me tell you that is great talent.. until i think the gas station started to catch on to us.. But I will let you know of my success with being off soda, and working out consistently to gain, my weight goals.. and being more health and happy with my body.. to gain.. a GREAT BIKINI BODY!


Noel Dangerfield said...

Yahoo!! I can finally see your blog! :)

Christee and Austin said...

Good for you Cali! There goes our Dr.Pepper and Chili Fritos addiction! ha ha! I'm so proud of you though! I wish you lived by me so we could gym it up together! Keep it up girl!